Scottie Adventures Begin

Floppy-eared Scottie puppy

It was 2006 and my Mom was in treatment for breast cancer. She had days when she was down and depressed. My sister had a brilliant idea to get her a puppy for Christmas to cheer her up and asked our step-father if that would be ok. He agreed, so the search began…..she found a scottie at a breeder in Lorain, OH.

He was a wheaten colored scottie about 4 months old and his name was Simon, given by the breeder. They picked him up about 2 weeks before Christmas and kept the puppy are her house until we gave him to my Mom on Christmas day.

A week later, I get a call, “do you think Mom would prefer a traditional black scottie and a female since we always had female dogs growing up”? I asked why the change of heart. It seems her whole family became attached to this little wheaten colored pup.

So they searched and found another puppy, a black, female scottie. They went to pick her up with the instructions that she was coming to my house until Christmas.

Callie at 4 months old.

This little black, floppy-eared, puppy was so cute. My daughter became the mother hen, carrying her around, sleeping with her. She became completely attached to her, knowing we were giving her to Grandma.

Christmas Scottie

Christmas day came, we took the wee one to Christmas dinner and presented her to my Mom. Tears ran down my Mom’s face as she saw the pup and we told her that is was hers. We picked a name for her, although we told Mom she could change it. We named her Callie. The middle part of our Scottish family name, MacCallum, with the added ie. She kept it and the puppy. Tears for my daughter, attached to the puppy but happy for Grandma.

About a week later, I get a call from Mom, “you know, this puppy is a lot of work, I forgot how much work a puppy is” and “you know, George’s back is bad and bending over all the time picking her up to take her out is getting hard on him”. “I am not sure we can keep her, I asked everyone and no one wants her”.

Mom, you should have called me first, I will take her. Megan is attached to her. I’ll come and get her tomorrow, if that is ok. Mom agreed and I went to get the pup the next day.

She came to my house, we bought a crate, food and water bowls. A new collar, leash and of course, toys. Megan took over mother hen duties until school started back up. I was going to school at the time also, to be a Paramedic. Adding a puppy to our house was not what I thought about doing just yet.

I wanted a Scottish terrier since I was little. I was excited, and loved this little girl. She was full of energy, stubborn and strong willed. She lived up to the scottitude that many owners of Scottish terriers refer to when describing their pets.

Smart, funny, caring, loyal, and so much personality in a little dog. My Callie, the sweet little scottie that I will never forget.

Share the story of your Scottie in the comments. Share what you would like to hear in my blog. I look forward to hearing your Scottie’s gotcha day.

Scottie puppy, Callie, with her favorite toy

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