Memories of a Scottie Dog

Driving to work, the memories came flooding back. Then the tears, two years later and still tears, missing my little girl. What triggered the thoughts? I do not remember, maybe something I heard on the radio, something I saw as I was driving by, or was it Callie reminding me that part of her remains with me. I like to think it is the latter.

My precious little Callie.
My precious Scottie dog, Callie

They hit when I least expect them, thoughts of Callie and what a wonderful, little dog she was.

I thought of how smart she was. She knew routine, if we came home at the same time everyday, she would be at the door waiting. Somehow she knew when it was evening and sometimes I would give her ice cream as a treat. How did she know, I would often wonder. There was no mention of ice cream or a treat. As I was sitting on the couch, I would realize that she was staring at me, then realized why, ice cream.

Diabetes diagnosis

After her diabetes diagnosis, as I was giving her the insulin shots, she knew what times of the day she would get them. Morning was easy, after I would get up, I would give her the shot. The first day of insulin, I made her a scrambled egg. I wanted to make sure she ate, she was not eating prior to the diagnosis and I did not want her blood sugar to go too low. Then every morning it started the routine, a scrambled egg and her shot. She was so patient with it, I would pinch her skin and administer it. Callie would stop eating and stand still until I was done and continue eating. Never snipping at me, only occasionally she would yip, I must have hit a tender spot.

Night was different, sometimes I would give her a treat, some fruit or canned food, then her shot. I would call her to the kitchen, she would come out and patiently waited until I drew it up and gave her the insulin. Do you think she knew that what I was doing was helping her? Sometimes she would try to hide. Maybe tired of the shots and the illness. I think they know, she knew she did not feel well at times. She knew we were doing what we could to make her better and to feel better.

Scottie dog puppy, Callie. Playing with a ball.
Puppy Callie, miss this little girl.

Love for a Scottie

I wanted her to stay with me as long as possible, acting silly, with the puppy personality that she had. Enjoying her walks, sitting outside with her nose twitching, smelling everything on the wind. Having a treat of ice cream and a ride in the car. I so enjoyed her sitting on the couch with me, and snuggled up to my back as I slept. I miss those things, I miss her. The memories flood back with no warning, sometimes I smile, sometimes I laugh. Some days, like this morning, the memories overwhelm me and the tears flow. I miss my little girl, that little scottie dog.